Foreign Tourists to Japan KIMONO PHOTO PLAN
One of the Japan's Most Scenic Spots
Take a tour in Kimono to some exquisite spots and cultural properties of Sendai, including one of the three most scenic spots in Japan called Matsushima. A highly recommendable package plan for any Miyagi tourists to make the most of a photo wedding with the elegant and beautiful townscape of Sendai in the background.
Three selectable courses
to visit famous places of Miyagi
[Matsushima Course] Duration: 6 hrs
The tour highlights Matsushima, one of the top three most scenic spots in Japan surrounded by 260+ islands around the coastal area of Miyagi Prefecture and northeastern Matsushima Bay. The beautiful landscapes embraced by the magnificent nature and the historic townscapes will be something about the trip to remember for the rest of your life.
[Akiu Course] Duration: 6 hrs
The highlight of the tour includes a visit to Akiu, a popular destination near central Sendai known for its beautiful autumn leaves. The hot spring in Akiu is one of the nation's only three sites that received imperial recognition to use the title "the royal hot spring". The spot once beloved by the warlord Date Masamune has been carefully preserved to this day.
* The high season for autumn leaves is between late October to mid-November.
[Equestrian Statue of Date Masamune Course] Duration: 4.5 hrs
The tour takes you to the Sendai Castle, constructed by the warlord Date Masamune. Within the premises, you will find can equestrian state of him. Enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Sendai as well as the Pacific Ocean from the remains where the Sendai clan had its government office for nearly 270 years. The equestrian statue of Date Masamune, the warlord beloved by people of all ages, is illuminated after nightfall. Take some photos of his heroic figure and the night view.
Matsushima Course Itinerary (6 hrs)
▼ By 18:00 on the previous date of the photo shoot
Finish fitting Kimonos and confirm itinerary
▼ On the date of the photoshoot
10:00 Start preparation
12:15 Depart from the hotel:
13:00 Arrive in Matsushima, stroll around the area for photo shoot
         Photoshoot takes place at spots including the spectacular view of Matsushima Bay and other sightseeing spots
14:30 Depart from Matsushima
15:30 Return to the hotel
16:00 End of the course session
The plan includes
- On-location shoot (100 photo data)
- Clothes (1 Kimono each for bride and groom)
- Kimono accessories (wigs, hair accessories, bride's silk floss headdress, etc.)
- Hair and makeup, Kimono dressing
- Transportation fee
- Service fees, VAT
Special Bonus
⁻ One 2L-sized photo with a mount
* To be delivered on the following date of the photo shoot.
- This is a weekday-only plan. Weekend/ holiday photoshoot is available for an additional charge of 77,000 yen.
- The location of the photo shoot may be switched to a venue inside the hotel in the event of severe weather including typhoons.
A reservation deadline is a month prior to the date of the photo shoot.
Please complete your advanced payment no later than 20 days prior to the photo shoot.
For questions and and inquiries regarding this plan, contact us with the below inquiry form or call us.
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