One-of-a-kind menu exclusively for you.
Special cuisine will leave a lasting impression on your guests.
Serving the utmost hospitality to your guests with dishes filled your love and appreciation.

The original menu is customized with the hotel's exquisite cuisine exclusively for you.

Toast to your special day with incredible cuisine.
Savor the Global Standard
The world's top class exquisite cuisine
The savory taste of the cuisine with local food ingredients of Miyagi enamored by gourmets, and the menu which is carefully arranged for guests of all ages to enjoy. Serving a fully customized course meal with a taste of their fond memory to their guests is also popular. The highest quality hospitality for your precious guests is guaranteed.
The One and The Only
Fabulous Wedding Cake
The one-of-a-kind wedding cake our pâtisser creates along with the story of you two. The cake that blends in with your party venue coordination adds beauty to the memorable scene of your new departure and wedding ceremony.