An exceptional room where profoundly moving moments are born
with overwhelming spaciousness
and heartfelt hospitality
Pleasant atmosphere where guests can make themselves feel home
and the sense of luxury appropriate for a wedding.

A room with luxuriously high ceiling
and lots of chic interiors
With radiant coordination which is set up
Wishing for your prosperous future

Brighten your wedding ceremony in an extraordinary room
with a magnificent view from the floor high above.


Designed with The Culture of Date Masamune as a Motif
The banquet hall has a sense of graceful dignity
Floor level: 3rd, Ceiling height: 7.0m,
Seating capacity: 50-340 people


Stylish and comfortable venue
overlooking a lush outdoor garden
Floor level: 3rd, Ceiling height: 7.0m,
Seating capacity: 30-90 people


An overwhelmingly spacious venue
located on the upper floor level with a high ceiling
Floor level: 25th, Ceiling height: 8.0m,
Seating capacity: 40-90 people


A reception hall that fits in various styles to express your taste
Floor level: 25th, Ceiling height: 4.0m,
Seating capacity: 20-70 people


A private reception hall in the penthouse of the hotel overlooking a panoramic view of the beautify city of Sendai
Floor level: 37th, Ceiling height: 3.5m,
Seating capacity: 20-50 people